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WE are the MCMA – Media & Content Marketing Association, formerly the FMA – Fulfillment Management Association … reconceived, redefined and reinvigorated to help meet the challenges of today’s magazine publishing industry . And, with the merger with NTCFI –National Trade Circulation Foundation, Inc., we’re poised to tackle the challenges within the B2B segment as well.

April Luncheon - Brand Extensions
(April 19th - The Princeton Club)

You know the challenges: consumers demand for magazines is in decline, and advertising dollars already shifted from print to digital and is now are moving to social and video platforms, so how are publishers supposed to make money?  Creating a brand extension could be the answer.

Our panel has hands-on experience creating, building and marketing extensions for the magazine brands they were responsible for. And even better, these brand extensions are subscription based, leveraging the speakers' experience selling magazine subscriptions.  

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