A Note from the President - October 2016
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Members, Colleagues, Friends, 

As we launch into our activity year, after a most successful kick-off Networking event at The Terrace Club in Midtown last month, I thought it time to send another update of the things that have been set in motion since my last missive. 

New Website / Same Address – www.the-mcma.org –

In an attempt to improve your Membership experience overall, to both streamline the process and add capabilities, we migrated to a Membership Management Platform over the summer, which will consolidate a number of functions that have been disparate and disconnected in the past. Moving to the Member Clicks platform, MCMA will now handle web hosting, e-mail deployment, event registration, member solicitation & renewal activity, all payment functions, along with membership directory listings and (soon) enhanced Social Media engagement as well, all in one platform.

By now, you should have received an e-mail inviting you to visit the website, log-in with your e-mail address and create a new Password to link to your account.

If you have (had) any difficulty with this, or any other web/membership/registration issues – don’t hesitate to contact us directly at info@the-mcma.org, or by calling 646-341-3643.

Membership Promotion – 

You should have also received a solicitation (or two) to renew your Membership in the MCMA for the New Year – September 2016 through July 2017.

Membership is just $50 for an Individual member, and $200 for a Corporate Membership, with up to twenty (20) employee members. Please renew your own membership, invite a colleague to join, and/or consider a Corporate Membership for your company - it's even money for four, and a bargain for five plus!

Sponsorship –

We’ve also had a banner response to our Sponsorship Renewal efforts, with nearly 100% retention! Plus, we’ve attracted a few new Sponsors just in the past few weeks! Please join me in thanking them for their dedication and commitment to our Association and our Industry! 

Diamond – CDS Global, ESP, Palm Coast Data, SFG, Subco, Synapse

Platinum – MeritDirect, TCS

Gold – EBSCO

Silver –  Advantage CS, Cambey & West, Circulation Specialists, Computer Fulfillment / Media View, Contrix, DialAmerica, Magazines.com, M2 Media Group, Neighborhood Periodical Club, National Publisher's Exchange, OMEDA, Periodical Watchguard, Quadrant Subscription Services, Strategic Media, Universal Subscription Services, ValueMags

Bronze – BPA Worldwide, Diaspark, Priority One Clearing Service, Publications Unlimited USA, Publishers Service Associates, Quality Circulation Services, TVD Associates

Thank you to all of our Sponsors! 

Industry Partnerships / Registration Discounts - 

We have arranged a number of discounts with like-minded organizations in our Industry – we hope to add more throughout the year. Here’s the list of current discounts, as of October 20th: 

- FOLIO: Show – a $100 discount for MCMA Members (Discount Code – “MCMA”). Register online at www.folioshow.com.

- Direct Marketing Club of NY (DMCNY) - is offering us the discounted Member rate at their Master Class & Certification Program, held in conjunction with MediaMath – OmniChannel Marketing. More information at www.dmcny.org.

MCMA Pricing – 

In an attempt to better manage our luncheon and event attendance – and the venue’s minimum guarantees, we’ve instituted “Early-Bird” pricing for all our events this year. There’s a double-discount if you register (more than) two weeks in advance, a discount up until one week in advance, and regular pricing for the final days leading up to the event. It is our hope that folks will enjoy the discounts and that we’ll be able to manage our guarantees better and sooner. As many other organizations do, we’ll also charge a premium for on-site registration. 

We hope the new pricing will encourage more folks to register sooner (and pay less), so that we’re not scrambling to meet minimums – or to set-up additional place-settings the days before and at our events. 

In conclusion – 

As I’ve acknowledged previously, it’s been a tough time for a long time. But, it's not all bad. There are exciting things happening; there are innovations and adaptations percolating. And, there are business models beginning to emerge, a blend of old and new media & methods that deliver content that resonates and engages anywhere, anytime, and on any device ... and for which the consumer may be willing to pay, or barter, - in-exchange for ad viewing.

There are pockets of innovation and resourcefulness, big brands and bigger companies – that already "get it" ... there's energy to be found and expertise to be tapped. There are career trajectories to be sought and success stories to be shared. 

And it is our intent to find, follow, and feature these adaptations, innovations, and success stories in our programming through the coming year. And, along with a growing list of Member benefits – some of those outlined above – all of this is designed to support the Mission of the MCMA – to inform, educate, advocate ... convene, communicate, collaborate ... provide networking and career enhancement. 

And, YOU are very much a part of that mission – you are the reason the MCMA exists, the reason so many individuals volunteer their time and expertise, the reason for Sponsorship, the reason for programming and networking events. YOU are essential to the MCMA’s success – and that success is measured in our ability to help you – in your career, and in your personal professional development. 

As always, your feedback is welcome. I hope you rejoin – our new year is underway. I hope you engage – MCMA's next event is our November 16th webinar on digital and social media.


Joe Furgiuele
President MCMA