ARV Award

The National Trade Circulation Foundation’s ARV Award is named for Angelo R. Venezian.

Angelo hung his hat for many years at the McGraw-Hill Company. After leaving McGraw-Hill, Angelo set out to run his own list brokerage company. Sometime in the late 70’s he became involved with NTCFI, then known as NBCA.

Along with Art Burns, they took charge of the association and ran everything into the early 80’s. As with everything else, when he became involved he made things happen. Although he was never Chairman/President, he often introduced speakers at meetings and would be official master of ceremonies for a number of years. Since Angelo had no longer been associated with McGraw-Hill, he may have felt the presidency be held by someone directly in publishing. His door was always open to anyone looking for work, encouragement or for advice. After Angelo passed away in 1985, the ARV Award was established in his memory to honor our peers for outstanding contributions to business press circulation.

The first winner was Art Burns, who with the leadership of Angelo, had held NBCA together for so many years. Unfortunately, Art passed away only a few weeks before the ceremony, so his wife and daughter were invited to the 1986 ceremony held in his honor.

The award has been presented every year since 1986, with the exception of 1998. In 1998 the awards presentation was replaced with the 50th anniversary celebration of the association. In 1999 the award reached another milestone, it marked the first time the award was not presented to an individual. The 1999 award went to Circulation Management Magazine for its outstanding coverage and dedication to the circulation profession. 2012 program.

Previous Angelo R. Venezian Awardees

2015 Edelyn Sellitto, Haymarket Media 
 Jo Ann Binz, Quality Circulation Services
2013 Donna Sickles, Frontline Medical Communications
2012 Ronda Hughes, Advanstar Communications
2011 John Crewe, Haymarket Media
2010 Elaine Tyson, Tyson Associates
2009 Lynn Bushell, Lebhar-Friedman
2008 Sylvia Sierra, Access Intelligence
2007 Christine Oldenbrook, Bobit Business Media
2006 Jane O’Connor, American Business Media
2005 John Rockwell, Primedia Business Magazines & Media
2004 Maurice Persiani, McGraw-Hill
2003 Francis Heid, Advansta
2002 Ed Mayhew, USPS
2001 Maxx MacConnachie, Hanley- Wood, LLC
2000 Nick Cavnar, Intertec Publishing
1999 CM.Circulation Management, Intertec Publishing
1998 5oth Anniversary Gala
1997 Jerry Okabe, Miller Freeman
1996 Anne Haire, BPJ
1995 Martha Pattiey, Lebhar-Friedman
1994 Barry Green, Hearst Business Communications
1993 Bill Howat, Chilton
1992 Joe Hanson, Folio
1991 Joe Foley, BPA
1990 Jim Fischer, Gralla Publishing
1989 Gloria Adams, Penton Publishing
1988 Bill Strong, Crain Communications
1987 Roy Ellison, Oil & Gasjournal
1986 Art Burns, Chilton