Educational Event Recaps

The MACMA's mission is to serve the community and all levels of audience development professionals by facilitating opportunities for education and networking, and by providing career development support. Our aim is to help you learn, grow and achieve your goals in this fast-changing media environment. As an organization, we strive to be forward-thinking, with a focus on emerging technologies, and to provide a forum for our members to engage, participate and share. Find out more about our upcoming events!

2020-21 Event Recaps
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Executive Certification in Social Media Strategy & Planning 
(Ongoing through October 2021) 
Bo Sacks
While many students were eager to start discussing the "best" platforms, instructor @professordevine walked us back through the true foundations of an executive-level social media plan.

  • The pros, cons, and myths of social media.
  • Finding your why before starting.
  • A tour of the innovative educational platform gnowbe.
  • Homework!
Register NOW to get caught up and be there for the live, expert, feedback on your social media goals and plans!

April 2021 - Weekend Update: USPS Rate Hike A Conversation with the ACMA
Hear what's next with the upcoming rate increase and how your voice matters more than ever with the changes on the horizon. Watch the full video on the MCMA YouTube Channel.

April 2021 - A Candid Conversation with Special Guest BoSacks

Bo Sacks has a well-known industry newsletter that included a recap of the April MACMA Candid Conversations. Unscripted and unrecorded, you just have to be there.

March 2021 - Case Study: How Using Behavioral Data Increased Open Rates by 150% in Newsletter Engagement 
Are your newsletter engagement metrics not where you want them to be? Watch a case study on improving engagement by aligning content behavior and demographics to re-segment newsletter lists. We will walk you through each step in the process.

Presentation Objectives:
1. Learn how behavioral targeting can improve email engagement.
2. See how one publisher applied this targeting to increase email open rates by 150%.
3. Takeaway concrete steps for improving your own engagement strategy.

Kathy Mancini, Computer Fulfillment
Patricia McGuinness, SBM Audience Development

February 2021 - Candid Conversations (unrecorded)

Day One - It’s nearly impossible these days to grow your audience, subscribers, customers, and revenue without social media and digital marketing. At this interactive panel session, get the inside scoop from seasoned experts on how to grow following and engagement, optimize for search engines, leverage custom audiences and deliver a positive ROI with your online marketing.

Day Two - How to Survive 80 Hours of Work in a 40 Hour Work Week: At this interactive panel discussion, we will discuss the components of time management strategies crucial to increasing productivity. Some of the techniques and concepts discussed include: Alpha Wave Musics; The Pomodoro Technique; Pareto Principle; Ultradian Rhythm; Batch Task Approach; and more... 

January 2021 - Looking for Positivity: A Special Program w/ the Progress Network

We live in a time marked by pessimism. Battered daily by negative headlines and facing a post-COVID world whose problems seem manifold and everlasting, it’s easy to assume we are heading for disaster. But what if it’s not true? The ideas and evidence for the opposite outcome, largely unheard, exist in equal measure but do not receive equal attention. The Progress Network connects and amplifies those voices that are pointing our world in a more positive direction.

Pessimism can focus the mind, but it can also become a self-fulfilling prophecy, leading people to detach and despair rather than galvanizing us. Starting from the idea that the widely shared belief that we can work collectively toward a more constructive future is a non-negotiable component of building that future, we will be speaking about how to boost that belief, both individually and in the aggregate, during these difficult times, including how to navigate a media discourse filled with fear, outrage, and worst-case scenarios.

November  2020 - 2 Day Deep Dive on Copy and Design

This session was geared toward audience professionals that oversee writing and designing creative for their circulation marketing, as well those responsible for managing internal or professional creative resources. The presenters covered the psychology of direct response, and other key topics such as offer, headlines, starbursts, color, the word "free," payment options, and guarantees. Sources of business covered included direct mail, gift subscriptions, email, renewals and insert cards. The presenters also discussed formats, envelope sizes, order forms, landing pages, letters, brochures, and buckslips. 

October 2020 - Candid Conversations (unrecorded)

Navigating this pandemic hasn’t been easy. The past six months have felt like driving an eighteen-wheeler through a backstreet city alley, and doing all that with antsy school-aged children in tow. In light of these difficulties, the MACMA is looking to make things a little more manageable by hosting a new virtual series called Candid Conversations.

Throughout the month of October, the MACMA held lively open discussions surrounding Audience Marketing and Development in 2020 and 2021. These events are exactly what the name suggests– opportunities for our attendees to engage in a dynamic dialogue about the impacts of COVID-19 on audience marketing and the new challenges that we’re all facing.

October 2020 - Leading with Focus: Collaboration & Productivity without a Billion Videoconferences

Join Your Nerdy BestFriend, aka Beth Z, discussed proven techniques for focus and productivity, along with the tools to lead your team to be more efficient and effective. Attendees learned how to:
- Cut down on time-wasting meetings and increase productive hours.
- Discover 5 easy-to-implement, techniques for focus and time management.
- Collaboration tools that help you lead your colleagues to be more productive.
- Turn ideas into action with a practice productivity technique.

April 2020 - Marketing Automation Campaigns: Discovering the Right Tools to Automate Your Marketing

At this interactive panel session, learn from expert users and platform vendors about how marketing automation can help simplify, support and supercharge your marketing efforts. You’ll get information on marrying your marketing strategy and goals with marketing automation platforms, and get specifics on how to implement and optimize your campaigns.

February 2020 - Alphabet Soup: Making Sense of Today's Top Data Marketing Acronyms

Are you confused by all the new marketing acronyms these days? Find out what these and 10 others are, and get real-life examples and success stories so that you can walk away with low or no-cost actionable ideas to better monetize your data now.

January 2020 - SEO & Topic Data

Keyword and topic insights won't tell us what to write...but they will tell us what people are looking for, and where.

December 2019 - Annual Holiday Party

Educational programming took a break in December for the MACMA's annual holiday party, one of the organization's honored traditions.

November 2019 - 2020...A Look Ahead – New trends in audience engagement, content monetization, brand extensions, ancillary revenue.

Do you wish you had 20/20 vision on the business opportunities and challenges you’ll face in 2020? Our November panel shared their insights and offered advice on what could be in store for the new year.

October 2019 - What DTC Brands and Publishers Can Learn From Each Other in Today's Subscription Economy

The MACMA and the Direct Marketing Club of New York brought together a panel of five marketing executives for a lively discussion on subscription and continuity programs.

September 2019 - Networking Reception

The program year kicked off with a networking reception at the Novotel Hotel in New York City. MACMA members got together to reconnect, swap stories from their summer breaks and kick off the new year in style with Times Square at the backdrop.

2018-19 Event Recaps

June 2019 - Networking Event

A strong crowd turned out to celebrate the end of another successful year while enjoying the cool sounds of MACMA's own Greg Wolfe (NPS Media Group) and his band.

Keeping with recent MACMA days the day included small group roundtable sessions on timely topics including podcasting, GDPR update, paywalls and pay meters, CDP, career development and direct marketing.

April 2019 - Traditional Sources for Subscription Marketing

An illustrious panel of practitioners, including clients, agencies, and circulation service providers discussed who's mailing what - what new (& old) formats are working - which action devises and incentives are being used... and what's happening with billing & auto-renewals in light of recent (CCPA) legislation. 

March 2019 - Paywalls and Paymeters

There is a vast ocean of Big Data drives retargeting platforms, look-a-like models, and CRM systems. Our panelists shared their experiences using Big Data to drive their business, helping you swim rather than sink in a sea of data.

February 2019 - The Outlook for Data-Driven Marketing

Bruce A. Biegel made sense of the major forces shaping our industry in the year ahead and beyond and touched on topics that included a recap of the major events of 2018, forecasts for 2019 and a look at macro trends driving the media mix.

January 2019 - Asking the Right Question (Webinar)

The key to success is knowing what content your audience truly wants, how often they want it, and how they want to consume it.

December 2018 - Annual Holiday Party

Educational programming took a break in December for the MACMA's annual holiday party, one of the organization's honored traditions.

November 2018 - SEO & SEM for Marketers

When it comes to getting your brand out there online, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential.

Matt Bramble, Michele Szabocsik, and Dennis O’Brien talked about the various platforms they have worked with and strategies for leveraging CDP’s to build your business.

September 2018

MACMA members got together to reconnect, swap stories from their summer breaks and kick off the new year in style with Times Square at the backdrop.