2018-19 Event Recaps

The MCMA's mission is to serve the community and all levels of audience development professionals by facilitating opportunities for education and networking, and by providing career development support. Our aim is to help you learn, grow and achieve your goals in this fast-changing media environment. As an organization, we strive to be forward-thinking, with a focus on emerging technologies, and to provide a forum for our members to engage, participate and share.

Our programming series is just one way that the MCMA strives to deliver on its mission. Here are recaps from a collection last year's programming on topics including paywalls and pay meters, customer data platforms, SEO / SEM for marketers, traditional sources for subscription marketing and more. We'll add 2019 recaps as this year progresses. 

Note: When available, we've included the video from the original Facebook Live Stream below. Please keep in mind that this is a video as the event happened and did not go through a post-production editing process.

June 2019 - Networking Event

The program year ended with another networking event at the Novotel Hotel in New York City, A strong crowd turned out to celebrate the end of another successful year while enjoying the cool sounds of MCMA's own Greg Wolfe (NPS Media Group) and his band.

May 2019 - MCMA Day

Keeping with recent MCMA days the day included small group roundtable sessions on timely topics including podcasting, GDPR update, paywalls and pay meters, CDP, career development and direct marketing. The day also included a special talk by Steve D'Orio from Forbes on Marketing Accountability and the keynote presentation by David Nussbaum of America's Test Kitchens.

April 2019 - Traditional Sources for Subscription Marketing

An illustrious panel of practitioners, including clients, agencies, and circulation service providers discussed who's mailing what - what new (& old) formats are working - which action devises and incentives are being used... and what's happening with billing & auto-renewals in light of recent (CCPA) legislation. The conversation also covered the list/data/modeling scene, both internally and on external sources, as well as how to make 'digital' connections that work.

The panel included Emilie Harkin (The Atlantic), Charles Mast (Mast Circulation Group, Inc.), Ed Muscio (Moose DM), Dean Muscio (Moose DM), Walter Rosenthal (PubWorX). Joe Furgiuele (MCMA Past President) moderated the discussion.

March 2019 - Paywalls and Paymeters

As marketers, we have access to more and more data all the time. Data about our customers and about our prospects, about the consumers who visited our website, or the ones who made an in-App purchase. We have proprietary data collected by our own companies and websites, we have third-party data from sources as robust as Google and Facebook. A vast ocean of Big Data drives retargeting platforms, look-a-like models, and CRM systems. Our panelists shared their experiences using Big Data to drive their business, helping you swim rather than sink in a sea of data.

The panel included Shahzad Abbas (Define Media Group), Jay Kirsch (ALM Media), Jalaine Johnson (Hearst Media), Beth Ulman (NPS Media Group) and moderated by Tony Silber (Long Hill Media).

February 2019 - The Outlook for Data-Driven Marketing

The MCMA started the new year with razor-sharp predictions of Bruce A. Biegel, Senior Managing Director of the Winterberry Group and Petsky Prunier advisor. Biegel made sense of the major forces shaping our industry in the year ahead and beyond and touched on topics that included a recap of the major events of 2018, forecasts for 2019 and a look at macro trends driving the media mix. 

  • A Recap of This Event is Not Available

January 2019 - Asking the Right Question (Webinar)

As marketers responsible for audience development, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to grow our audience, but it is equally important to deliver content that your audience wants.  The key to success is knowing what content your audience truly wants, how often they want it, and how they want to consume it.  Nick Giallourkis (Gilly Media) guided a conversation about how well we really know our audiences and what they want.

December 2018 - Annual Holiday Party

Educational programming took a break in December for the MCMA's annual holiday party, one of the organization's honored traditions. Members came to the Princeton Club in New York City from places near and far for an afternoon of celebration and merriment. 

November 2018 - SEO & SEM for Marketers

When it comes to getting your brand out there online, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential. In November, the Media & Content Marketing Association presented an information session on SEO with Ryan Coté (Director of Digital Services & Partner, Ballantine) along with Gabrielle Korn (Editor-in-Chief, Nylon).

October 2018 - Using Customer Data Platforms (CDP's) to Grow, Engage, and Monetize Your Audience

This session included panelists, Matt Bramble (Leverage Lab), Michele Szabocsik (BlueConic) and Dennis O’Brien (Merit Group), both seasoned audience and product development veterans with years of experience using CDP’s to grow audience and revenue. They talked about the various platforms they have worked with and strategies for leveraging CDP’s to build your business.  

September 2018

The program year kicked off with a networking reception at the Novotel Hotel in New York City. Despite the rain, MCMA members got together to reconnect, swap stories from their summer breaks and kick off the new year in style with Times Square at the backdrop.


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