Fulfillment Manager of the Year

For the individual who has demonstrated excellence in providing customer service through the fulfillment process.

Previous Fulfillment Managers of the Year

2015 Shelley Shames, Foundation for National Progress / Mother Jones  
 Melissa Chowning, D Magazine
2013 Andrea Sole, Forbes Media
2012 Karen Dawson, Nature Publishing Group
2011 Renee Gilley-Gates, Meredith
2010 Greg Wolfe, Circulation Specialists, Inc.
2009 Steven Jacobs, American Media Inc.
2008 Cary Zel, President, Pro Circ
2007 Art Melody, The Reader’s Digest Association
2006 Heather Holmes, Technology Review
2005 Karen McEnroe, Hearst Communications, Inc.
2004 Carol Ireland, Quality Circulation Services
2003 Tina Porter, Palm Coast Data
2002 Colleen Ryan, Conde Nast Publications
2001 Tom Luxeder, The Taunton Press
2000 Don Barron, The Christian Science Publishing Society
1999 Brenda Stuthard, BMS Consulting
1998 Robert Strack, Forbes, Inc.
1997 Lynn Reinicke, Communications Data Services
1996 Robert “Biff” Bilstein, Neodata Services
1995 Chet Klimuszko, Ziff-Davis Publishing
1994 Milt Wunsch, RealTime Publication Services
1993 John Dillon, Gruner + Jahr USA Publishing
1992 Tom Lagen, Publishers’ Clearing House
1991 Lawrence E Morse, Fulfillment Corp. of America
1990 Iris Blumenthal, Murdoch Magazines
1989 Robert Nichter, Rodale Press
1987 Arlene Hanson, Institutional Investor
1986 Ralph Lavers, Kiplinger Washington Editors
1985 Roberta Gannotta, American Journal of Nurshing
1982 Vern Ball, Petersen Publishing Group
1981 Dorothea Forier, The Hearst Corporation
1979 Anthony Rizzo, TV Guide
1978 Roger Ayan, Neodata Services
1977 Rita Cole, Curtis Publishing Company
1976 Larry Beaver, Downe Computer Services, Inc.
1975 William Kochler, TV Guide
1974 Joseph Federici, Fawcett Publications
1973 Robert Frankel, Reader’s Digest Association
1972 Joseph Kelleher, Publisher’s Clearing House
1971 Vincent Pace, Newsweek
1970 Larry Downes, Consumer Reports Magazine
1969 Ted York, Forbes Magazine
1968 Kent Armstrong, TV Guide
1967 Helen Buckley, Parents Magazine
1966 Bill Connolly, New Yorker Magazine
1965 Maria Cox, Petersen Publishing Group