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Join us on Wednesday, May 15th for what is an annual celebration of our industry. Keeping with recent MCMA days the day will include small group roundtable sessions on timely topics including, podcasting, GDPR, paywalls & pay meters, CFP, career development and email marketing. The day also includes a special talk by Steve D'Orio from Forbes on Marketing Accountability and this year's keynote presentation by David Nussbaum of America's Test Kitchens.

Roundtable facilitators include subject matter experts including MeritDirect, Jamatto, ONECount, GMG Public Relations, Moose Direct Marketing, Dow Jones and more... 

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Save the Date - Networking at The Novotel

We hope you (and some nice weather) will join us on June 19th from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm at the Novotel Hotel in New York City as we close out our 2018-2019 program year. There will be refreshments and maybe even some entertainment...

 Industry News

How Blended Is Your Data?

Some questions are hard to answer with the information from isolated tools. One powerful technique is to combine data from different tools to discover valuable new insights. Check out this article from Search Engine Land with practical examples on how you create smarter insights than any one data source could create alone. 

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Micropayments and the Reader Funnel

According to an article in, while readers who occasionally browse a site are unlikely to subscribe, they may buy a few articles if the process is effortless. More frequent users may not subscribe for a year, but they may buy a day or a week of access. There is an entire economy that exists between ads and subscriptions – and micropayments unlock it.

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Reflections on a Paywall

A little over a year ago, WIRED launched its paywall. In a recent newsletter, the company wrote that the paywall incentivized us (Wired) to focus on things quality content, instead of just things that might be clicked on, in an effort to earn subscriptions and support.

Want to know how the experiment has it gone so far? 

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