A Note from the President - January 2017

Members, Colleagues, Friends,

For starters — (and, I’m just under the wire — before the end of January to say) HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this year already, and continue to, bring you many good things both personally and professionally.

We've already launched into the year with our first Webinar on E-Mail Marketing (if you missed it, the recorded version is here). Continuing our year filled with events of all sizes and shapes, and with so much more planned for the next few months, I thought it time to send another update of the things that have been set in motion since my last missive.

There are several, here is a summary of topics covered, each with links for additional information:

Upcoming Programming At-A-Glance

There are a number of events coming up before the nicer weather greets us for MCMA Day on May 17th and our Networking Cocktail Party on June 21st. In February, we have one more webinar, this one being focused on how to successfully market to millennials (hint: it’s not supposed to feel like marketing). Then March and April brings us two luncheons, both with of-the-moment topics surrounding Big Data and Brand Extensions.

Millennials are the next (no, they’re the now) big generation (bigger even than Boomers) – they will command an increasing and amazing amount of discretionary spending – but they don’t like to be marketed to; they don’t want to be sold. What’s a Marker to do - ? That’s the topic and the thrust of our next Webinar in February. Come listen, and learn.

As you no doubt know (and may be sick of hearing, but…), DATA is HOT and BIG DATA is HOTTER STILL! And at our March luncheon, while we’ll approach the topic from the Publisher’s perspective – we’ve assembled an amazing group of practitioners as Panelists – this is a topic that touches every company and everyone in business today. The sheer volume of data is foreboding, but the future belongs to those who can envision its potential and harness its power. So, mark your calendar to get in touch with your inner-Geek (Not to worry, this is NOT the Pocket-protector crowd – no slide-ruler required.)

In April, we’ll focus on leveraging the Brand – whether in Print, Online, with video, or with extensions that make sense (and money) … and create engagement by reinforcing Brand identification and differentiation – for fun and profit! Our Panelists will share case-studies and tips for exploring and vetting ideas, and turning them into reality. Another not-to-be-missed session – this is the intersection of content and the customer journey – it’s Publishing today … and tomorrow!

That brings us to May – and MCMA Day … and our first-ever June Networking “summer” close-out event … more (much more) about these in my next update! Meanwhile, mark your calendar now – for 2/15, 3/22*, and 4/15* – and MCMA Day – 5/17* – you don’t want to miss any of these sessions – online and in-person. (*All luncheon events are at The Princeton Club)

Once again, we are attempting to better manage event attendance (and the venue’s minimum guarantees), and therefore have instituted “Early Bird” pricing for all events, starting with a double-discount if you register more than two weeks in advance, a discount up until one week in advance, and regular pricing on the finals days leading up to the event.

Emeritus Membership - Class of 2017

Every year, the MCMA acknowledges long-standing members of the publishing community through its Member Emeritus Program and it is time to apply for the Emeritus Class of 2017! Elected members will officially be inducted in April – they’ll receive a Free Lifetime MCMA Membership, a Certificate of Recognition, and – possibly the best of all – discounted attendance rates to all MCMA functions! Please see our Emeritus Class page to apply.

This is a great way to stay engaged with us (and we with you!), even if you are stepping back from the daily grind (some think it nuthin’ but fun!) … keep up with friends and colleagues, and with events in the industry – all for a song! Emeritus Membership is FREE – and the discounted price of our luncheons and events is designed to keep you comin’ back frequently … and fiscally feasibly! It’s a reward for all your dedication and hard work in the industry – and in the MCMA (or our predecessors- the FMA or NTCFI).

So, if you are ready for Emeritus status, or you know someone who is, let us hear from you!

Scholarships Application - Call for Submissions

The time for Scholarship Application Submissions has come once again, as well! In keeping with our mission and devotion to Excellence in Media & Content through Education, MCMA will be awarding a number of educational scholarships to Members' and Corporate Members' immediate family members, as well as, employees and immediate families of our Sponsors.

There is a total of six (6) scholarships to be awarded. One $1,500 scholarship, another $1,000, and a third $500 scholarship are for existing college students. And a $1,500 scholarship and two more $500 scholarships are for seniors in high school who are in the pursuit of an accredited degree program.

To learn more about the MCMA Scholarship Program visit our Scholarship Page, where you will find more information on the types of scholarships, information about 2016 awardees, and applications. The deadline to submit is March 15 at 5pm.

For any additional questions, please email us at: [email protected].

MCMA Day Luncheon Program

While the speakers roster is being finalized, one thing is for certain, MCMA Day in May (17th to be exact) will be filled with networking, education and a celebration of many of the great things that take place on a daily basis within our industry. The day will begin with round table discussions focused on key topics of the day, continue to a networking reception on the outside terrace (I’ve already reserved a sunny day) and conclude with a thought-provoking keynote and recognition of the 2017 Class of Emeritus Members, along with announcing this year’s scholarship recipients.

Nominations & Elections

Few things (if any) are more important to the success of the MCMA than the support of its members. There are countless opportunities to contribute, and give back to our organization. For those who want to play an active role in shaping the strategy that guides MCMA, please consider stepping forward and running for a Director or Board seat in our 2017 elections. More will be coming out about the opportunity – but for now, if you think this might be something for you, I hope that you would let me, or Sammy Garrett (our Executive Secretary and chair of our nominations committee) know – drop us at a line at [email protected].

In Conclusion -

As the old year fades in the rear-view mirror, and we look forward to the promise of the one just begun, I certainly have much to be thankful for – let me start by thanking the Executive Committee – their hard work, dedication, and countless hours of time devoted to moving our agenda forward this year is the reason for our success thus far – and portends an upward trajectory for the remainder of our programming year, which takes us through June 2017. So, thank you Jeff, Sammy, Jodi, Ray, and Rochelle.

And, to our dedicated Directors, Nancy White, Suzanne Nicholas, JoAnn Binz, and Karen McEnroe. And, to all our Advisors and all those volunteers who devote their time to making our group better – on behalf of all our Members and Sponsors – THANKS for contributing and making a difference.

You have my most sincere appreciation and my deepest thanks! Hats off to you – one and all!

All of this time, effort, and dedication is designed to support the Mission of the MCMA – to inform, educate, advocate ... convene, communicate, collaborate ... provide networking and career enhancement. Dedicated volunteers are essential to the MCMA’s success – and that success is measured in our ability to help you, dear Member – in your career, and in your personal professional development.

If you are not yet a member, or if your Membership has lapsed – please consider (re)joining and engaging. And, if you would like to consider getting more involved, we’d love to have you.

And, as always, your feedback is welcome.

If you have (had) any difficulty with this, or any other web/membership/registration issues – don’t hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected], or by calling 646-341-3643.


Joe Furgiuele, President MCMA

P.S. Two more networking events of interest: In keeping with our attempt to cooperate with companion organizations and pass-along savings opportunities to our Members, two events I'd call to your attention:

  • The XYZ Winter Social is next Thursday, February 9th at Butter Midtown, from noon to 4PM - more info at: http://xyzclubinc.com/. No special pricing for MCMA members (maybe next year ;)) - but a great deal at $150 for one / Two-Fer $225 ... so bring a guest! 

  • And, the following week, on February 15th, the Direct Marketing Club of NY is hosting an evening Networking event from 6PM to 8:30PM at Super Nova Lounge on Broadway and 52nd Street. More info at www.dmcny.org. And, we've negotiated Member Rates ($35, not $55) for MCMA Members - use code "MbrRate" when registering.

MCMA will be doing its own Networking event in June - hang tight! Meanwhile, these will be fun, and a little serendepity could make them profitable besides!