A Note from the President - September 2017
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Greetings to all,

And, welcome to the other side of Labor Day – I hope your summer afforded some time to relax and recharge – and now, although it’s still officially summer, as the temperature drops and the pace quickens, I’d like to apprise you of what the MCMA’s been doing over the summer, and our plans for the next several months.

It’s been a summer of planning and preparation on any number of fronts, starting with our Membership Renewal efforts, as well as, developing our Programming, dusting & polishing our Data (list), re-signing our Sponsors, researching new venue alternatives, and more. The good news is we’re well underway, and the better news is we’re way ahead of last year from a timing perspective … but with Labor Day already behind us, we’re back in the thick of it!

Special thanks to all our dedicated and hard-working Committees and their Members, who along with the Executive Committee, spent the summer strategizing and executing on the initiatives we outlined as our priorities for the coming year:

  • Membership – You should have received your Membership Renewal notice(s) by now – and, dare I suggest, you should have sent back your Renewal instructions by now as well! (http://www.the-mcma.org/join-or-renew-here) At least that’s what we’re hoping for – and counting on.

          In addition to renewing, two additional things I’d ask of each of you:

    • Go to http://www.the-mcma.org/directory and update your listing, verifying your contact information, and adding a photo –add a link to your LinkedIn profile too!
    • Get a colleague to join the MCMA as well – whether someone at the desk across from you, or across town, or across the country – help us expand those we serve with our Networking and Programming, and enhance our community in the process.

  • Sponsorship – Our Renewal efforts are underway here as well, where we are both seeking to re-sign all of our current Sponsors, and to expand the list of companies willing to embrace and support our Mission and our goals. I’m pleased to report that many/most of our faithful Sponsors have already indicated their willingness to continue the support, some have even increased their commitment … and we have very positive interest from a number of prospective new Sponsors. More information at: http://www.the-mcma.org/sponsorship-opportunities

  • Programming has been working feverishly to put together the events, topics, and speakers, for next year – and we have a number of great ideas, in search of the Speakers/Panelists to present them – however, we’ve lock-down ALL of the Fall programs, and have a good start on the Spring luncheons … working on topics for the Jan/Feb webinars as well. Overall, we’re doing the full complement of programming – from September 2017 through June 2018, we’ll have (at least) one activity per month. Here’s the full Fall listing: http://www.the-mcma.org/upcoming-events

  • We’re trying a new format for the first time in October – it’s an evening time slot that has both Networking and Programming (food & beverage too!) – We’ve titled it, “Wine, Wit, & Wisdom” – and it’s downtown at the LiveIntent office/event space at 100 Church Street.

  • We’re mixing-up the programming, between luncheons, evening time slots (some Networking; some Programming), and webinars … and still hoping to accomplish a “Field Trip” or two.
  • Besides different time-slots, we’re working different geographies – from the Novotel on B’Way & 50th, to LiveIntent in Lower Manhattan, then back The Princeton Club for Nov/Dec. Still looking at alternate venues for 2018 luncheons & MCMA Day.

  • We continue to reach-out to key Publisher contacts to solicit their commitment and participation – we had some success last year with these initiatives, and we’re hoping to build on them again this year.

  • We continue to seek ways to expand our base, to incorporate Content and Media beyond traditional magazine publishing – to embrace the myriad new sources and methods of utilizing content to drive engagement in a data-driven, customer centric marketplace. 

  • We’ve added a number of Communication vehicles, including this President’s Letter, our fortnightly News of Note ‘newsletter’, and recaps of our programming/event content. The web site, and our Social Media presence have also had an increased and consistent cadence. Oh, and lest I forget – the Job Board, which is available as a FREE service to & for the community.

This is all integral to our Mission – to inform, educate, and advocate; convene, communicate, collaborate ... provide networking opportunities and career enhancement possibilities. And, it’s all done, dear reader, for YOU, our Members and Sponsors, all colleagues in this Community of ours. 

You are the reason the MCMA exists, the reason so many individuals volunteer their time and expertise, the reason for Sponsorship, the reason for programming and networking events. YOU are essential to the MCMA’s success – and that success is measured in our ability to help you – in your career, and in your personal professional development.

It’s a privilege to serve you; and, it is heartening and inspiring to see the commitment from so many who volunteer their time and talent to accomplish all we have done, and all we hope to do, on your behalf.

It is both exhausting and invigorating to tackle the challenges we face as an industry, as a community – and with any luck, to have some small impact on shedding light, providing clarity, offering encouragement, or simply creating an environment where disruption can be defined and diffused – where we can all learn, prepare and participate in what is to come. So, here’s to a collaborative year, where we work together and tirelessly, to accomplish all that we outlined, and more! 

For starters, I hope to see you next Tuesday, 9/19 at our season kick-off Networking event. More information and Registration is available right from our Home page at: http://www.the-mcma.org/

And, I hope to see “2017-2018 MEMBER” on your badge … and “Invited Guest of…” on the badge of the person standing next to you!

Shameless, I know – but unabashedly honest! ;)

Joe Furgiuele 
President - MCMA
Vice President - MeritDirect | FCI Analytics & Reporting

[email protected]