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February Webinar: Join Us for a Look Into the Future
Monday, February 11th at 1 PM ET

Join the MCMA as we start the new year with razor-sharp predictions of Bruce A. Biegel, Senior Managing Director of the Winterberry Group and Petsky Prunier advisor. Biegel will make sense of the major forces shaping our industry in the year ahead and beyond. 

You can expect an invaluable dive into topics including:

- Recap of major events of 2018
- Forecasts for 2019
- Macro Trends that Drive the Media Mix

Bruce will recap what's happened in 2018, provide industry insight for 2019, as well as cover Macro Trends that Drive the Media Mix!

Our Speaker - Bruce Biegel (Winterberry Group):

A seasoned executive with more than 30 years of hands-on experience in building businesses from the group up, Bruce's diverse responsibilities have included strategic and business planning, financing, global multichannel marketing, technology development and support, legal coordination, and financial management.

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Are You Talking to Me - January Webinar A Success

MCMA's winter webinar season (January and February) got off to a strong start earlier this month with an engaging presentation on audience development led by Nick Giallourkis, Founder & CEO of Gilly Media. Participants dove into core questions including how do you actually know what content your audience wants, how often do they want it and how do they consume it.

One attendee noted after the webinar how they had a number of tangible ideas that they could take back to their team that same day. If you missed out on the webinar, stay tuned for an in-depth written recap of the content covered.


Industry News

Marketing to Millennials: It's about loyalty and personalization

Millennials are the market and are driving disruption for retailers everywhere. Across the globe, CEOs are asking: How do we differentiate our brand when our traditional product and supply chain differentiators are vanishing?


Google's Internal SEO strategy...

Sean O'Keefe, a data scientist at Google, on Thursday, shared how Google thinks about their own internal SEO efforts for the 7,000 websites they manage. O'Keefe said Google makes on average over 200 changes to these sites on a daily basis and managing the SEO for those changes can be complex.


Using a chatbot to retain customers?

A Chicago-based company, Gold Eagle uses a chatbot for customer retention through its TriNova brand. TriNova uses in-feed ads that ask previous customers on Facebook to take a survey for a free TriNova product. Once the survey has begun the bot addresses the user by name and creates an 'instant focus group'. 


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