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June's Networking Event Had a New Vibe... And It Was a Hit

The MCMA's 2018-2019 program year ended on a bang with a high-energy June networking event highlighted by the MCMA's house band, led by our own Greg Wolfe (NPS Media Group). It’s was a fun-filled evening with dancing, singing along and catching up for one last time before the summer kicked in. Adding to the festivity was a special give-away from the XYZ and an announcement that they will be part of the MCMA's networking events for 2019-2020.

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MCMA Board Sets Out to Map Upcoming Year

Earlier this month, the MCMA Board of Directors came together for their annual summer planning session. The day was filled with conversation on a host of topics including ways to continue strengthening MCMA's well-received monthly educational meetings. New to the conversation this year was planning for the release of several new benefits of membership including on online discussion forum, collaborations with other industry organizations and resources that members will be able to leverage immediately in their daily work. Stay tuned for more details in upcoming editions of News of Note.

 Industry News

Rate Increase Projections for 2020

For First Class, Periodicals and Marketing Mail, except for Marketing Mail non-carrier route flats, plan for a rate increase of 2% to take effect the last week of January 2020. 

For Marketing Mail non-carrier route flats plan for a 4% increase.  This is due to a directive from the PRC (Postal Regulatory Commission) that approves rates for the USPS.  They have instructed the USPS to add 2% to the increase due to this subclass not covering its costs.

There is also a risk of an additional increase due to the 10-year review of USPS rates.  The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA), passed by Congress in 2007, stipulated that after ten years the PRC was required to conduct a review of the ratemaking system established under PAEA, to determine if the goals of the legislation were being met. That process is now underway, which gives the PRC the power to retain or change how rates are determined. Presently the main method for determining rate increases has been based on the CPI. This is how the 2% increase for most mail was determined for 2020.

At this time it is impossible to know what action the PRC may or may not take regarding this 10 rate review and when it might go into effect.  To be on the safe side you may want to have a risk to your postage budgets of 2% to take effect in July 2020.

Amazon, Google Questioned By Congress About Manipulating Algorithms

During recent Congressional testimony Adam Cohen, Google’s director of economic policy, tried to convince members of Congress that there is still competition in the search industry, but Cicilline pointed to a 2004 “guiding principle” stated by co-founder Larry Page to get people to search on the engine and then lead them to the website for more information.

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Yesterday's CDO is Today's CPO

If we agree on the ultimate measurement of the CDO being (long-term sustainable) digital revenue growth, then the next logical question is, “What generates revenue?” Simple answer: goods and services, aka “products.” This naturally and logically leads to the notion of the Rise of the Chief Product Officer. 


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